The Kings Basin is located in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley with the majority of surface water being supplied from the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers. The North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (NKGSA) is one of six GSAs within the Kings Groundwater Subbasin (Kings Subbasin). Through its various surface water resources and several decades of proactive groundwater recharge activities, this portion of the Kings Basin have not experienced significant overdraft conditions experienced elsewhere in the basin. Drought and other challenges, however, have contributed to a gradual decline in overall groundwater conditions that will be address through development of a sustainability plan for the North Kings region.


The North Kings GSA, consistent with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, is developing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan targeted for completion before the legislated deadline of January 31, 2020. This document will be developed in compliance with the California Department of Water Resources’ Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations. Developed pursuant to Water Code Section 10733.2, the regulations describe the components of groundwater sustainability plans, intra-basin coordination agreements, and the methods and criteria to be used by DWR to evaluate those plans and coordination agreements.


Key Dates

June 30, 2017
Establish Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (or equivalent) for all High and medium priority basins
– Water Code § 10724(b)

July 1, 2017
County must affirm or disaffirm responsibility as Groundwater Sustainability Agency if no Groundwater Sustainability Agency has been established
– Water Code § 10724(b)

January 31, 2020
Each groundwater sustainability agency within high and medium priority basins must submit their GSPs to the California Department of Water Resources
– Water Code § 10720.7(a)(1)

On April 1
Following Groundwater Sustainability Plan adoption and annually thereafter, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies provide report on progress towards sustainability to the California Department of Water Resources.
– Water Code § 10728
To view the complete timeline of groundwater legislation, visit the California Department of Water Resources’ Groundwater Legislation Timeline.

Current Conditions

The development of the North Kings GSA’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan will respond to the information and tools available in the region, including maps that show current conditions. Maps and other information will be updated as plan development progresses.

Inter/Intra-basin Coordination

Coordination Agreement

Consistent with the DWR Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations, an intra-basin coordination agreement is required to be submitted in subbasins where two or more Groundwater Sustainability Plans are developed. In addition to the North Kings GSA, up to six additional Groundwater Sustainability Plans are anticipated to be developed in the Kings Subbasin by the following GSAs:

Central Kings GSA
James Irrigation District GSA
Kings River East GSA
McMullin Area GSA
North Fork Kings GSA
South Kings GSA

Development of this document is underway via a cost-share agreement executed among all GSAs in the subbasin. Work products of this coordination effort will be posted when available.